Meaning of the Sattvic Planet image

I’d like to dedicate my first post to my good friend Roy who allowed me to share his photo with you as the header image for this website. This timelapse photo of the solar eclipse was taken at Pyramid Lake, NV in May of 2012. I decided to use this photo not only because it is an amazing work of art, but also because it represents two of the key concepts in Ayurveda. First it reminds us that nature is cyclical, the sun, Earth and moon all revolve on a schedule, and apparently the eclipse even operates on a cycle known as the Saros cycle. The importance of this is that in Ayurveda there are many types of cycles and all of them play a role in your health. For example, there is the daily cycle based on Earth’s rotation, the seasonal cycle based on Earth’s revolution, and the life cycle based on how many times you have revolved around the sun during your life. Do you ever feel different during different times of the day, or year, or your life? If the answer is yes then it makes sense that you recognize those differences and adjust your routine accordingly. Second, this photo reminds us of our connection to nature. How can somebody not look at this photo and be awed by what nature has to offer? It seems hard to believe, but we all know that it happens everyday. In these modern times we are so busy running from one errand to the next that we often forget about the planet that we depend on for survival, especially those of us surrounded by concrete and steel in dense urban areas. In Ayurveda, a connection to nature is essential for good health. I’m not just talking about going for a hike in the forest, although you should probably do that too, a connection to nature can be as simple as eating high quality produce that you bought from the farmer’s market. Yes, eating is a powerful way that we can connect to our natural environment. When we eat, our bodies literally transform the food into our tissues. What else is there in life that connects us to nature more than eating locally grown food.

Again, thanks Roy for sharing your amazing art with Sattvic Planet. In addition to being a photographer, Roy is a filmmaker, musician, and a futurist. To see more of his work visit:


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