Do you want to know the secret?

“With a proper diet and lifestyle there is no need for medicine,

but without a proper diet and lifestyle then medicine is useless”

food as medicine

Everybody has the answer

What exactly is the secret to feeling great, having abundant energy, losing weight, and looking attractive? We all want to know that secret, don’t we? Well I’m here to tell you that I have that secret. By now you have probably noticed that I’m not the only one claiming to possess this knowledge. There are hundreds of companies fighting for your attention and trying to sell you their product. Pharmaceutical companies manufacture a pill for nearly any ailment you have. It’s so convenient, all you have to do is swallow a little pill once per day and let the benefits come rolling in. Supplement companies promise you that the most recently discovered plant from the depths of the rainforest is the best superfood to come along in decades. Modern chemical laboratories using sophisticated technology have discovered ways to isolate what is thought to be the primary ingredient responsible for health benefits. Using these methods you can now take super concentrated doses of isolated biochemicals extracted from plants. Weight loss diets guarantee that you will shed pounds in weeks if only you follow their special plan, why not give it a try? Energy drinks have become enormously popular with their claims to boost your energy by simply drinking a can of their special blend. Who wouldn’t want to have the energy of a bull, a monster, or a rock star? If an energy drink isn’t really your style, don’t worry because there is a coffeeshop on nearly every corner. What an amazing world we live in to be surrounded by so many options available to instantly improve your life. Isn’t life grand?

My secret

I’m here to tell you people that I have the secret, are you ready for this? The secret is that there is no secret. The secret doesn’t come in a pill, jar, can, or cup. Do you really think it could be that easy? In what can only be described as pure marketing genius, corporation after corporation, for year after year have repeatedly been able to convince us that they have the secret to all our problems, and all you have to do is swallow. It’s effortless, fast and convenient. The best part is that you don’t have to change anything else in your life, just keep living exactly as you do now. In the process, they have taken billions of dollars from us, and our health has arguably gotten worse over the years.

Food as Medicine

When I said there is no secret I was not being totally clear. There is actually a very simple way to feel great, have abundant energy, lose weight, and look attractive; it is called Food as Medicine. For full disclosure I should say that is the title of a book my instructor Todd Caldecott wrote, but I’m not here to sell his book, though if you want to read it I would highly recommend it. Food as Medicine is more than the title of a book; it is a concept, and the concept is that optimal health is available to all of us if we simply put more effort into how we shop, prepare and eat our food. One of the first articles I published was called What is the number one step you can take to improve your health? If you read that post then you would know that my answer to that question was simply to cook your meals.

In Ayurveda…

If only we knew what the corporations have known all along, there is not much money to be made in freshly prepared nutritious meals. How much profit is there in steamed kale? Not much, but if you harvest the acai berries from the Amazon rainforest, or extract curcumin from the turmeric root that is where the dollars add up. Let me be very clear, Ayurveda is a form of preventive medicine very much dependent on plant based medicine, so I’m not saying that these companies selling superfoods are 100% wrong. There are however, very clear distinctions; let’s look at curcumin for example. In Ayurveda you might add turmeric powder to your meal during preparation, but you would never extract isolated chemicals from the plant because the benefit of the turmeric comes when it is eaten as a whole food. Also, in Ayurveda these plant based medicines would not be taken so randomly. Instead, specific herbs would be prescribed to specific people in specific situations for limited durations. Would you rather pay a few dollars for a substantial supply of turmeric powder from the bulk section at the grocery store, or $30 for a couple weeks supply of curcumin from the supplement store? One of my instructors, Dr Suhas, once told our class an old adage “with a proper diet and lifestyle there is no need for medicine, but without a proper diet and lifestyle then medicine is useless”. If you read those wise words carefully there is a powerful message that I think requires little explanation. Now that you know the secret do yourself a favor, save some money and start buying fresh and nutritious foods that you prepare and eat daily, then watch the benefits take effect.