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Hello friends. 

I’m happy to announce the launch of my Patreon site and I’ve invited you here today to ask for your support. Since few people are familiar with Patreon let me briefly explain how it works. Patreon offers a crowdfunding format where friends, family and fans can support artists for the work they create. You simply subscribe to a monthly contribution of your choice and in return I produce the work I am most passionate about.

Let’s start with my story. Since writing is my preferred form of creative expression, and I have always been interested in health, I decided to start a website in 2013 called Sattvic Planet. From there I began writing about the ancient teachings of India, which I had been studying while enrolled in an Ayurveda school. Some of you may know that I began the transition to a new career in the Healing Arts during 2015 by resigning from my job in Washington and traveling to Peru. While there I studied sacred plant medicines that expand consciousness, known as entheogens, and the focus of my writing shifted from the Himalayas to the Andes. My experiences with Indian and Peruvian traditional medicine quickly taught me that there was a better way of managing our health than what was currently offered in mainstream western medicine. I knew immediately that I had discovered my true calling, yet due to legal reasons and the dominance of western medicine my transition into the Healing Arts was not going to be easy. This is where my Patreon site enters the scene. 

Since there is not much of an existing path to follow I need to be a pioneer in the emerging fields of natural, preventive, traditional, and alternative medicine. In exchange for supporting this effort my patrons receive information not easily found elsewhere in the mass media. You also receive a clear view into my personal explorations of consciousness, mindfulness, spirituality, and human optimization. Most of this knowledge comes from my experiences over the years, practiced daily in a disciplined manner, so I know it works. Think of this project as crowd funded independent exploratory journalism. Here is the BEST part; your support enables me to continue my journeys to distant lands like Peru and India, where I can gather more knowledge to share with you. It is a renewable process, you support, I study, I write, I share, and you benefit by implementing some of these practices into your routine, repeat. We all win. At the very least the stories will certainly be entertaining!

My motivation for this effort comes from my goals of studying with master teachers in Brazil in 2018, and India in 2019. I’m on the front lines of these emerging fields and need some support from the home base. More importantly this is an investment in you and your family’s health. Most people have commitments that prevent them from traveling internationally for months in a row, but I organized my life in a way that makes it possible. Allow me to be like Mercury the messenger who brings back valuable information from far away. How many people do you know that have strengthened their immune system through frog poison therapy, practiced a disciplined Ayurvedic diet for years, hiked hundreds of kilometers through the wilderness, and participated in entheogenic ceremonies at 3000 year old sacred temples? I have, and am quite open about it because I believe in being as authentic as possible, and helping others on their path. If you ever visited my website ( before then you already know this.

While the theme of Sattvic Planet is “traditional lifestyles for a modern world”, my inspiration comes not only from ancient teachings. Today we are witnessing a renaissance in research of entheogen therapy by major universities for a whole variety of difficult to treat conditions ranging from addiction to PTSD to depression, and the results have been impressive. By becoming a patron you will have direct access to information on this subject years or even decades before mainstream acceptance and legalization. 

Writing is only the beginning. Hopefully this project expands to me earning a master’s degree, offering entheogen therapy, guiding tours to sacred sites, consulting on diet and lifestyle, writing books, teaching classes, and ultimately opening a healing retreat. The possibilities are limitless!

As for the finer details, my goal is to publish 1 article per month at around 1200-1600 words per article. In addition, other benefits will be included if you choose one of the rewards offered. I intend to do my best to maintain this schedule despite any obstacles life may put in my path. This should give you a good idea of what you receive in return for helping me create a more Sattvic Planet. 

What exactly is a Sattvic Planet you ask? By my definition, “a potential world that we could create as a direct result of becoming more mindful. In other words, global change starts at the individual level, and we can’t expect to solve society’s greatest problems until we awaken to our own truth”.

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For those who need more convincing, here’s a self description from the About page on my website:

Health has been the central theme for most of my adult life. During times when my health declined my internal compass pointed the way to recovery, and after health was regained I continued on towards optimization. My 3 favorite tools aiding me in the pursuit for optimal health have been Ayurveda, Entheogens and Wilderness. Ayurveda is the foundation of my practice. As one of the oldest systems of medicine in existence it offers us guidance on diet and lifestyle that has survived the test of time. Ayurveda teaches us to prevent disease rather than react to it, and when disease does occur the focus is on treating the cause rather than the symptoms. Entheogens have also been used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures around the world. Following an unfortunate absence from modern society for centuries, interest and research in Entheogens has surged in recent years. Through Entheogens we have access to a healing plant intelligence that is capable of surpassing the abilities of even our brightest doctors. Today as over half the world’s population lives in cities and technology advances at an accelerating rate the disconnect between people and the natural world expands. As a result I suspect that human health suffers in proportion to the degree of separation. Wilderness offers us much more than simply clean air and water and I believe it is an essential component of a healthy person. Through Ayurveda, Entheogens and Wilderness I seek complete health at all levels; body, mind and spirit. 

My purpose is to share knowledge and help expand consciousness for those who are seeking. Joseph Campbell has famously said that when one hears their call they can either refuse it or choose to follow their bliss. For me the choice is clear and I look forward to sharing this bliss with all who care to join me.

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