Health has been the central theme for most of my adult life. My 3 favorite tools aiding me in the pursuit of optimal health have been Ayurveda, Entheogens and Wilderness. Ayurveda is the foundation of my practice. As one of the oldest systems of medicine in existence it offers us guidance on diet and lifestyle that has survived the test of time. Ayurveda teaches us to prevent disease rather than react to it, and when disease does occur the focus is on treating the cause rather than the symptoms. Entheogens have also been used for thousands of years by our ancestors and indigenous cultures around the world. Following an unfortunate absence from modern society for centuries, interest and research in Entheogens has surged in recent years. Through Entheogens we have access to a healing intelligence that is capable of surpassing the abilities of even our brightest doctors. Today as over half the world’s population lives in cities and technology advances at an accelerating rate the disconnect between people and the natural world expands. As a result I suspect that human health suffers in proportion to the degree of separation. Wilderness offers us much more than simply clean air and water and I believe it is an essential component of a healthy person. Through Ayurveda, Entheogens and Wilderness I seek complete health at all levels; body, mind and spirit. Joseph Campbell has famously said that when one hears their call they can either refuse it or choose to follow their bliss. For me the choice is clear and I look forward to sharing this bliss with all who care to join me.




SATTVA: A Sanskrit word derived from the words Sat which means Truth, and Tva which means Your, so Sattva refers to Your Truth. In Ayurveda the word Sattva describes one of three states of consciousness, and attaining a Sattvic mind is accomplished through a meditative process that simply involves looking within.

SATTVIC PLANET: A potential world that we could create as a direct result of becoming more mindful. In other words, global change starts at the individual level, and we can’t expect to solve society’s greatest problems until we awaken to our own truth.

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